Become a Certified PREP Coach

Leverage the power of the PREP Profile assessments for your organization and help guide people on a path to reach individual and business goals.

A Certified PREP Coach will:

  • Be able to readily identify differing leadership, communication and problem-solving styles in current and prospective employees. 
  • Understand key behavioral motivators. 
  • Be able to provide unique environmental stimuli to motivate and coach staff for high productivity, trust, creativity and innovation. 
  • Be proficient at administering and interpreting the Personal Strengths Profile in group or one-on-one settings or in the hiring process. 
  • Be alert to signs of work stress resilience both from the survey and in personal interviews; then be able to sensitively communicate this information so the individual will be able to productively evaluate his or her situation for changes that may be appropriate. 
  • Recognize different personality preferences in language style, approach, receiving corrective feedback, general interaction and know how to most effectively address, communicate and coach others. 
  • Be prepared to coach others in using effective communications. 
  • Be able to understand how jobs, career paths, and working styles reflect different personality factors and be able to identify and match an individual’s style to job and career paths. 
  • Be able to screen, interview and do reference checks with greater insight into applicants’ natural preferences vs. their first impression/”interview self.” 
  • Be able to develop training and orientation programs for new hires and promotions that support and develop the individual’s lesser developed areas and emphasize strengths. 
  • Understand what factors are not measured by personality assessments and appreciate the role of personality in each person’s unique complexity.

PREP Certification Training

PREP certification training consists of 4 two-hour modules which we can deliver in person or remotely via Zoom session.

The cost is $1,000/person.

Please contact us by e-mailing us at [email protected] or by calling us at +1 (541) 480-8830 to schedule training