The PREP Profiles Story

The PREP, People Reading Effectiveness Program, came about in 1984 when founder JoAn Mann saw the need for a research-driven assessment to help with her training and development work that focused on teams, stress management and change resilience. She had an extensive base of executive and career coaching clients primarily across the United States, Europe and Canada at that time. After working with other assessments and finding them lengthy, hard to understand, and not able to function across different cultures, JoAn decided to create her own assessment.

She designed a unique assessment that individuals, especially up and down any organization type, students with reading levels as young as 8th grade could take that was non-threatening, culturally/gender/generation bias-free and accurate.  The resulting Profile and “how-do-I-use this?” applications-based reports reflect her focus on strengths, supporting individuals in balancing change, and developing their lesser developed areas.

JoAn used her background in human resources, teaching, foreign languages, and statistical research along with partnering with medical practitioners, statisticians, psychologists, business experts, and investors in order to create the assessment.

PREP Profiles Today

In the past 35 years, over 1,000 businesses utilized PREP Profiles to help make organizational changes. The PREP Profiles team wants to help people and the organizations they belong to in all areas of the Employee Life Cycle. 

PREP Profiles continues to evolve as continued research provides updates with global norms. 

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